Writer, Artist, Friend, Wife, Mother... Witch

I didn't set out to educate people on what it meant to be a modern witch. Really, I just wanted to break open my heart and try to capture what was there for my children. Along the way, I discovered that I wanted to share what I found with a much larger audience. I found myself at a point in history when it felt more walls were being built than bridges, where isolation was feeding fear. I wanted to help people find ways to feel more connected to the world and people around them. I wanted to start trying to create a better world in my own small way; to make some magic for the good however I could.

I am no one special. I hold no amazing influence or power - at least none that you, too, don't also contain. What I do have, what I strive to maintain, is a unfathomable supply of hope. Hope that I can somehow do better than I did yesterday. Hope I can help more.

Hope that somehow I can help show we are all more alike than we are different -  that we are absolutely better when we are all connected, when we all can help one another feel a little less alone.