Misty Bell Stiers - Modern Witch

Finding Magic in Modern Times

Witch, Please

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A touching and thought-provoking account of how a woman explored a spectrum of religions—ancient and new—and ended up, unexpectedly, becoming a bona fide witch.





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I can tell you very little, if anything, about astrology or aligning your chakras. Overall, I'm often not what is expected when people hear the word "witch." And while I may lack the crooked green nose and red shiny shoes or the over-abundant eyeliner and all-black wardrobe, I am still very much a practicing witch. 

Modern witches are people who know their place in history, trust their intuition, and are ready to work to create a better world.

In other words, there's a little witch in all of us.




Speak Your Truth



Words mean a lot. They mean everything, actually. The words we say out loud as well as the words we speak only in our hearts define our worlds. They shape what's possible, and can quickly define an end.

We are the world we create. Where do you want to live?