Merry Imbolc, Friends!


No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.

Hal Borland

Ah, Loves. has it been a doozy. and yet, here we are - on the day of the year, we are reminded of the promise of light and love. The day we celebrate the end of winter.

Oh, I know. I see out that window. These have been the bitterest days. Days we simply can’t go outside for the cold. Days we begin to feel trapped inside, the days we dream of the endless light of summer. And more, days when even the coming light doesn’t seem to be enough. Hearts can get heavy this time of year. We can begin to feel small, insignificant. Confined.

 Today is the day to remind us that is not the case. The day that is a promise of light to come. Of those endless afternoons and lingering evenings, if only we keep moving forward. This day begs us to recognize the brilliant wheel of life is turning and to not give up hope. The seeds are there, right beneath are feet and they are not dormant, they are simply, much like us, simply bearing the cold and preparing for their time in the light.

 Imbolc in olden days was a reminder of the coming of the ewes, the prepping time to head to the fields. A time when warriors would once again pick up their weapons and the social and political activities that had slowed in the cold of the darkness began once again to gain traction.

 The world is stretching wide, feeling out it’s limbs, and beginning to wake.  

 The year lays out before us, wide and open and full of promise. These dark days lay heavy, often obscuring our view of what’s to come. Wrapped in wool and fighting the wind we push through these dark days … and yet these days are simply days to make us stronger, to give us some rest so when the weather turns we are able to go out and greet the light with full hearts, appreciative of the struggles that lay behind us and the work we have done to prepare us for that moment.

 Imbolc is the call, the cry, the reminder that winter may be fighting to the bitter end, but that it IS the end. Darkness and cold move in the same cycle as everything else – they gain strength and dim just as light builds and dissipates as well. Our lives are in constant motion, the wheel constantly turning. Day to night, light to dark. We must move with it.

 In an ever-changing universe, there is always hope. Nothing is stagnant, nothing set unmoved.


So today, reach for that light. Know you are part of the coming glory and wonder of the awakening of Spring and that these cold, bitter days will soon leave. Rest and gather strength. Prepare for the work that is to be done. Lay your foundations, cultivate your seeds. Begin to look forward to growing something truly marvelous.


The world lays in quiet anticipation.

Misty Bell Stiers