The Current State of Spells and Our Administration


We can call upon winds of change, we can make them blow with the strength of hurricanes...

I've spoken about this before, but because people are now associating me with this, I want to be clear on where I stand.

Alright, so there's a big thing that keeps happening (it started the day after Trump’s inauguration and has been happening continuously in various forms ever since) regarding witches coming together to put a binding spell/hexes on Trump.

As your local witch, I have thoughts. So here's the deal: there are a LOT of different spells making the rounds. The one I have found most often is a binding spell, a spell that’s supposed to keep Trump and his people from doing harm. So. What does this mean? Let's look at that part first.

1) A binding spell is a spell that typically, restrains someone metaphysically, preventing them from doing something. It is often used to keep the individual from causing harm to themselves or to others. (thank you, google) Okay. A spell. That word sounds ridiculous to some and scary to others, what is it really? An act of great intention, a call to the universe.

It's a pagan prayer, ya'll.

A prayer that has great intent behind it, that instead of going out to a god, calls upon the divine energy within the person saying it. The goal is that the words and act of the “spell” help focus the innermost power resting within the enactor to bring the intention to reality. The idea behind a whole bunch of people doing a spell at once is that the intention is multi-fold and therefore much more powerful. A great current example of a powerful modern spell are the marches that happened after the inauguration. What could be a better description of a combined act of great intention then millions of people gathering together under a shared cause and bringing that cause to light and participating in joint action in favor of that cause? It’s powerful, and if you were there or even just saw it on the various news feeds and felt that tug and pull on your heart - that inspiration to fight and stand for the causes so precious that day - well you have experienced a powerful spell.

Okay. So spell. Got it. Binding. Wtf?! Here we go. I have mixed feelings on this and to say they're mixed is a bit of me just being polite. It SOUNDS harmless, right? But like anything, if enough people believe in something it can either be amazing or cause some damage. Not by being the thing, but even just by perception. One thing to note if one is Wiccan (like myself) then you also believe everything you do, every bit of energy you put out into the world, comes back to you threefold. So what does this spell do? On the surface, it should be harmless right? No violence, just restriction... no problem. In theory, perhaps.

But when you take an action that is supposed to affect another person real or just intentionally, without their knowledge or consent, it's not a great thing. Regardless of what you are wishing for them. As far as I'm concerned, if you are going to concentrate your energy on another person in hopes it will affect who they are and what they can do, it needs to come from a place of generosity and kindness. That is not what this is. It serves a purpose to the one casting, not the one affected. It's not a spell for empathy or kindness. It's to stop Trump from doing what he wants. What he (might) believe is right. We can argue all the live long day about his actions and their merit, but I think we can all agree that taking someone's ability to act in any way because we define their intention as harmful isn't that much different than some of the stuff Trump does on the daily we find abhorrent. It’s not cool to retract or restrain someone’s free will. Ever.

So there's my two cents.

I don't' think it's a bad idea for anyone of any faith to take action in this way if it makes them feel better. If it hel[ps them keep hope alive. I just think we should all take action with great intention - but we should check those intentions. I don't believe creating a binding spell on Trump and his administration is the right thing to do. I wouldn't believe it from another religious group, and I don't believe it for mine.

I also believe, in many ways, that this is lazy activism. My guess is a lot of people will do this spell and call it a day. But here's the thing - spells mean nothing if you aren't willing to put in the actual work. They are a way to focus intention, but the words alone will not create change. They are merely the first stepping stone. They help crate a solid picture of a reality, they help you concentrate and see what is possible, help open your heart to what you can make real.

But the thing is, wishing on stars doesn’t make your dreams come true - hard work and persistence do that. The wish just helps your heart and mind believe it’s possible.

What I WOULD LOVE to see is a day of prayer and spells across all religions. A day we all sit with the greatest of intentions together and pray and cast for empathy and kindness, for open hearts, and willing minds. A day where we pray for bravery when we are scared to speak up and perseverance when we are weary. A day when spells are said that call for unity and hope. That's what I think we need right now.

We need to #riseup. We need to #resist. We need to take the high road. We need to remember WHAT we're fighting FOR, not WHOM we're fighting AGAINST. That's my small spell. That's the intention I'm sending out into the universe. The intention that will get me up to walk the streets when I have a million other things to do. The intention that will inspire me and call to me when I dial the numbers of my representatives ONE. MORE. TIME. The courage I will challenge myself to find when I stand to speak up for someone who cannot. When I will speak out for what is right, not what is accepted.

No matter who you are, or what you believe in I hope you find the same. My spell for you is courage, and kindness, empathy and perseverance. May we all find our way, may we fight for what we believe in - without losing sight of what is truly important in the process. We can call upon winds of change, we can make them blow with the strength of hurricanes... but we need to do so in the right ways.

Our job as witches, and humans in general, is to bring hope. So let's open our hearts as wide as we can and connect, not divide. There's enough of that.

Misty Bell StiersComment