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Finding the Magic in Being Present

  • Pandora 125 Park Avenue 19th Floor New York, NY 10017 (map)

When we are lost in all the time that isn’t, we can’t act with true intention, because we are too busy reacting or predicting.  We cannot create without being present, without focusing on what it is, in this moment, that is most needed.

So we light a candle.  We say a small phrase.  We lay out cards that can only tell us what we already know.  We trace the lines across our palms and hold quartz against our chests.  We creative rituals that bring us back from the worries and the anxiety and plans and forecasting.  We create practices that pull us from wherever we are to the place we are meant to be.  We can make the world stop spinning if we so choose; we need only to be present.  We need only to find the ways to bring us back:  the rituals that allow us to pause, to breath, to live intentionally.

Join me in finding rituals and customs that will help you love with intention more often.